KEAM Exam Pattern and Syllabus 2017

KEAM Exam Pattern and Syllabus 2017 are mentioned here for the students who wish to take part in the entrance examination conducted by CEE, Kerala. This is one of the deemed entrance examinations which is generally scheduled in the month of April every year. In order to qualify the exam with good percentile, the students need to know the syllabus and exam pattern of the same. With the help of the syllabus, the students can come to know that which topics and sub – topics they needed to study while preparing for the exam. Also, it is quite important to read and understand the exam pattern so as to know the exam paper in a better way. In order to know more about the exam pattern and syllabus, the candidates need to scroll down the page.

KEAM Exam Pattern and Syllabus

Before appearing in the entrance exam, the students need to go through the KEAM Engineering Exam Pattern. This section outlines the essential details related to the structure of the exam such as mode, and type of the exam, a number of sections, a total number of questions, the medium of the question paper, time duration and the marking scheme. The students should read and understand the exam pattern properly. The detailed description of the exam pattern is given here.

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  • Mode:

This entrance exam is conducted in the offline mode. The students need to mark their answers on the machine graded OMR sheet. Bubble the answer with only Blue/ Black ball point pen.

  • Type:

The exam is objective in nature. Each question is followed by the five suggested options and only one correct answer. The students need to opt for the most appropriate option as the answer.

  • Papers:

The entrance exam comprises of two papers as per the KEAM Exam Pattern namely:

Paper 1: Physics and chemistry

Paper 2: Mathematics

  • Time Duration:

150 minutes or 2 hours and 30 minutes shall be provided to solve each paper. No extra time will be granted under any circumstance.

  • Number of Questions:

As per the exam pattern, each paper comprises of 120 multiple choice questions.

KEAM Exam Marking Scheme

  • For each correct answer, the students will get FOUR (4) marks.
  • For each incorrect answer, ONE (1) mark will be penalized.
  • More than one answer indicated against the question will be treated as the wrong answer and will be negatively marked.

Detailed Description KEAM Syllabus

The students are required to go through the syllabus before actually appearing in the entrance exam. The questions will set as according to the syllabus and no question will be out of syllabus. The syllabus only outlines the topics that will be covered in the entrance examination. Since the exam is competitive in nature, therefore, the level of the questions will be higher. Also, questions are not based on any textbook exclusively. The detailed description of the syllabus is mentioned here.

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Section 1: Physics:

The topics covered under this section as per the KEAM Exam Syllabus are mentioned here for the students.

  • Introduction and measurement
  • Description of motion
  • Work, energy, and power
  • Gravitation
  • Thermodynamics
  • Oscillations and waves
  • Motion of system and particles of rigid body
  • Electrostatics
  • Current electricity
  • Electromagnetic induction and alternating currents
  • Electromagnetic waves
  • Optics
  • Dual nature of matter and radiation
  • Electronic devices
  • Communication systems

Section 2: Chemistry

The topics included in this section as per the syllabus are listed here.

  • Basic concepts of chemistry
  • Structure of atom
  • Chemical bonding and molecular structure
  • Thermodynamics
  • Equilibrium
  • Classification of elements and periodicity in properties
  • S- block elements
  • P – block elements
  • Organic chemistry
  • Gasses and liquids
  • Chemical kinematics
  • Electrochemistry
  • D and F – block elements
  • Polymers
  • Chemistry in everyday life

Section 3: Mathematics:

The important topics covered in this section as per the KEAM 2017 Syllabus are mentioned here:

  • Sets and functions
  • Algebra
  • Coordinate geometry
  • Calculus
  • Mathematical reasoning
  • Relations and functions
  • Geometry
  • Matrix and determinants
  • Differential equation
  • Integral Calculus
  • Linear programming
  • Probability

KEAM Exam Preparation Tips

  • The students need to prepare the well – designed study schedule and divide equal slots of time for each subject.
  • Gather the relevant study material and collect information only from the reliable sources.
  • Try to make the habit of extensive problem solving.
  • Revision should be done on the regular basis as preparation is totally incomplete without the same.


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