JEE Main Exam – Super JUGAADS for Super Performance

JEE Main 2017 Exam Day is round the corner. By this time, the books must have been read, re-read and re-read with lots of markers, side notes, and highlights. The sample papers must have been solved. All the candidates must have either completed solving or revising the previous year papers for the exam and the tons of study materials from the coaching classes. The syllabus must have been covered; well, at least the part YOU wished to prepare for the exam and the brains must be oozing with facts, formulas, tricks, concepts and what not..!!!

But even after this much preparation and revision, the students might find themselves unsure of their exam performance and have anxiety and depression spells. To ease the pressure of the exam and a constant anxiety, we have compiled some really helpful tips for all the students of every kind of mettle to help them perform in the best manner.

Jugaad #1 – Focus and Attention:

  • While preparing any subject focus on the topics and concepts that are exam worthy. Its true that you cannot forecast any question, but every person knows that no one is going to ask you the formula for (a+b)2.
  • Pay attention to the problem you are solving. Getting carried away in anticipation and exams will never help you out.
  • Always think that you are preparing to crack the exam. Don’t calculate the odds of you failing in the same. This will only make you weaker.

Jugaad #2 – Flow is Important:

  • While you are revising any topic of any subject, it is important that you follow a proper routine or process to ensure that everything is covered from every perspective.
  • For instance, if you are preparing the Electrostatics then start with the fundamental concepts and solve the basic numerical on them, solve the problems from reference books, solve the problems from sample and previous year papers and finally – Write all the types of concepts and problem types you solved on that in a journal or diary.
  • For example, you can write that you have solved the following kind of problems:
    • Two spheres are touched, calculate the final charge
    • A charged sphere is placed in between two neutral spheres of different sizes, find final charge on all of them
    • Free Body diagram questions
    • Charge distributed across surfaces etc etc
  • When you have completed the syllabus and written the same for each chapter in the whole syllabus, you will be confident and motivated by this diary. It will help you in staying assured of your preparation and you will be able to cover all kinds of problems on a concept.

Jugaad #3 – Formula and Tricks:

  • A major part of the JEE Main 2017 Paper will depend on the formulas, tricks, mnemonics and various other JUGAADS you make to remember, cram and memorize things.
  • Well, one cannot deny that a great memory will come handy here. But it doesn’t mean at all that the students with average memory will be in jeopardy.
  • All you have to do is decorate your room. Yes, you read it right..!! Paste white chart papers on all the walls of your room and write the formulas, tricks and JUGAAD mnemonics on them; daily; hourly; as soon as you encounter them while solving questions.
  • This is to be done like RIGHT NOW…!! By the end of 15 to 20 days, you will have a PERMANENTLY OPEN book of references and formulas and tricks at your hand.
  • Revise these formulas the first thing in the morning and the last thing in the night.

Jugaad #4 – Exercising and Mind Refreshing Technique:

  • It is really important to leave your mind on a small relaxation pad to rejuvenate itself.
  • By relaxation I don’t mean listening to metal rock or playing a round of e-gaming or playing basketball.
  • Relaxation should ACTUALLY be relaxation that doesn’t tire your body or mind and doesn’t take your mind off your studies. Because accept it or not, a very few days are left and you need to be on your toes to give your best shot in the exam.
  • Power naps are really good and effective to calm your nerves. Arranging your books and material in the order of preparation can help as well.

Jugaad #5 – Order is CRUCIAL:

  • Once you revise a topic and move on to the other one, it is important to revisit it after some days so as to keep the concepts fresh and clear.
  • For this ‘re-capturing’ you can fix a time interval say 15 days after which you brush up the previously completed topics again.

Jugaad #6 – Online Mock Tests:

  • Irrespective of the type of exam you have chosen (online or offline), you MUST solve the online mock tests (paid as well as free) by various reputed coaching centres.
  • These online mock tests will be an exact simulation of the final exam and will have a clock as well. Thus you will be able to test your problem solving skills in a time constrained environment.
  • Time management, stress management and practice of solving questions in a particular time slot – all are the benefits of online mock test.

Jugaad #7 – Guru EK hi Chuno:

  • Be it JEE Main 2017 or any other exam, it is important that you stick to limited sources of preparation.
  • Solving average problems from 10 different books is worse than solving good quality problems from 2 or 3 books at max.
  • Don’t jump from one reference book to another. This will only make you unsure and unstable.

Wishing all the very best for your exam, I conclude by saying “Karle Jugaad Karle. Karle Koi Jugaad…!!!


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